Saturday, 9 July 2011


Another Saturday, another Song! As you may have previously read, this blog was inspired  by a Tweet from SuperAmazingMum who posted a Robbie Williams video to brighten my day, she called it Saturday Song.  How brilliant! The total opposite of a Silent Sunday - a noisy Saturday! Caroljs Has a fantastic blog "Dance Without Sleeping" which includes blogs called "Music Week"  in which she has designated a song theme for every day and includes "Singalong Saturday" ! I urge you to take a look at it!

But I thought I would do Saturday Song on this blog.  So, you are invited to join me every Saturday to post your  favourite song - you can comment on it, why you love it, what the memories are, why it sums up the week you've just had, or you can just post it for us all to have a private dance to in front of our computers or iphones!!

My Saturday Song this week is Meryl Streep singing The Winner Takes it All from Mama Mia. For me this rocks on all fronts..

1) I love the song and always have (again going back to my days with S see First Love Blog!) 2) Mama Mia is one of my most favourite uplifting-full-of-joy-and-happiness films! 3) Meryl Streep's performance is totally awesome - the strength and passion in her voice was such a suprise, until Mama Mia I had no idea she was such a talented singer. 4) On the whole I am not a Pierce Brosnan fan but in this clip he is brilliant as he does nothing but stand and watch - and then yell Donnnnnaaaaa at the top of his voice!!!

So - have a little singalong and dance on me! And then post yours! All you have to do is grab the linky button at the end of this blog and once you have posted your song, return to this blog to add your name! (and a HUGE thank you to Tamsyn for all her technical expertise on this!)

Or if you prefer here is the HTML link:

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