Saturday, 16 July 2011

Saturday Song Week 3

I'm persevering with this blog even though none of you seem to want to play!! It amuses me to do it and keeps me occupied on a Friday night if nothing else!

Another Saturday, another Song! As you may have previously read, this blog was inspired  by a Tweet from SuperAmazingMum who posted a Robbie Williams video to brighten my day, she called it Saturday Song.  How brilliant! The total opposite of a Silent Sunday - a noisy Saturday! Caroljs Has a fantastic blog "Dance Without Sleeping" which includes blogs called "Music Week"  in which she has designated a song theme for every day and includes "Singalong Saturday" ! I urge you to take a look at it!

My Saturday Song this week is inspired by, what has been for me, a week where I have not left the computer or the TV for longer than a dog walk, while I follow/wallow in the downfall of the Murdoch Empire. Having worked for them for 14 years, I know only too well what utter shite bosses they are. It is the bottom line that counts. It is the bucks. It didn't matter how you came up with the goods, so long as you did. Well the buck has stopped. My heart goes out to the 200 journalists fired to protect the ungodly Ms Brooks who has gone anyway.  All week I have followed @ExNOTWjourno2 whose tweets have been stupendous. She is sharp, witty and full of information LONG before it hits the world's media. Oh yes there is sooo much more to come. Follow her - she is awesome.

So for her and her fellow journo's and as someone who has survived the Murdoch inferno...........Take it away Gloria!

All you have to do is grab the linky button at the end of this blog and once you have posted your song, return to this blog to add your name! (and a HUGE thank you to Tamsyn for all her technical expertise on this!)

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