Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Pet Hates

This week my fellow Twitters have prompted me to consider my Pet Hates.....first of all let me make it quite clear I do not hate my pet - I love her to pieces!

Like @superamazingmum my "grumpy old woman" list could go on for days but here are some.....If you want to join in please link in via @katetakes5

1)    Ungrateful Drivers.

If I stop to let you do some manoeuvre - let you in to a queuing line of traffic or sit and wait for you to get into a parking space for example - then say thank you.  How much effort is it to put your hand up to acknowledge my kindness? And while we are on the subject there is a 30MPH speed limit through this village for a reason (dogs, children....ME), use it! This is not the M40.

2)    Opinions.

If you have an opinion on something that differs from mine it doesn't make yours FACT.  An opinion is an opinion, neither of us are necessarily right, so why go off on a strop when I don't actually agree with your words of wisdom(?!). I had a difference of opinion with someone over the difference between Baptism and Christening.  They haven't spoken to me since! This actually was one of my door slamming teenagers but grown ups do it too!

3)    Thank You Letters.

I went to a lot of effort to cook you a lovely meal or buy you a lovely present. An email to say thank you doesn't cut it.....if you can't be arsed to write a letter, send me a postcard. AND if you are coming to dinner, tell me that you are vegetarian when you accept the invitation, don't wait for the moment I triumphantly produce Beef Wellington at the table!!

4)    Love my Dog

When I come round to your house, or you visit mine, I interact with your children, let them climb all over me and my furniture, listen to them scream and say how cute and lovely they are (which in some cases they are not!). My very little dog is my "child". She is sweet and on the whole well behaved.  Unless you have a serious allergy, please interact with her - don't react as if I have a foaming mouthed rotweiller.

5)   Katie Price!

If I had to chose one person in the whole world (barking mad dictators excluded) with whom I have a pet hate it is her.  What is the point of her??!! Why is she in every paper every day? Why do we have to have a TV series about her life (now in its 6th series!!). Who cares.........grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  1. You put the wrong link in the linky so I have corrected it for you - you may get more comments now! Thank you cards from friends \ families kids is a must. If I don't get one then you don't get one next year. Nice list!

  2. Woopsie! Not my day technologically!! Thank you! X

  3. Very annoying that Katie Price is given the time of day! Who are all these muppets that go to her book signings as well!